About EasyWSDL - MultipleExtensions


EasyWSDL - MultipleExtensions enables to use all EasyWSDL extensions in any service description.


Managing Multiple Extensions

Reading and writing are almost similar to others extensions except use of MultipleExt classes instead of classical.

// Read a WSDL file precising expected extensions
MultipleExtReader reader = MultipleExtFactory.newInstance().newMultipleExtReader();
List<ExtensionFactory> factories = new ArrayList<ExtensionFactory>();
Description desc = reader.read(factories, new URL("http://url/of/the/document.wsdl"));
// Here, the reader will prepare description in order to include directly SAWSDL tags

// We also can create a simple reader which only contains classical description
Description simpleDesc = reader.read(new URL("http://url/of/the/document.wsdl"));

// Write document
MultipleExtWriter writer = MultipleExtFactory.newInstance().newMultipleExtWriter();
Document doc = writer.getDocument(desc);

// Create description
Description desc = MultipleExtFactory.newInstance().newMultipleExtDescription();

Then, a simple method allows to switch between different extensions.

// Using the "find" method, we can access to any extension specific methods
org.ow2.easywsdl.extensions.sawsdl.api.Description sawsdlDesc = null;
sawsdlDesc = desc.find(SAWSDLFactory.newInstance());

// If an unexpected extension is called, the MultipleExtension plugin will 
// add new methods automatically to the main description
org.ow2.easywsdl.extensions.wsdl4bpel.api.Description wsdl4bpelDesc = null;
wsdl4bpelDesc = desc.find(WSDL4BPELFactory.newInstance());
// Of course, this second "find" call will take more time than the first

That's all!

Working with Maven2

The artifacts are available as Maven2 modules, you can add easyWSDL to your project POM like this


<!-- Then all expected extensions -->

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