About EasySAWSDL


EasySAWSDL is an extension for EasyWSDL which allows developers to handle semantic annotations in descriptions. This implementation of Semantic Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema W3C recommendation enables to read, write and create annotations directly from object model.

Thanks to the uniform API of EasyWSDL, it enables integration in any external project, without care WSDL version we have to treat.


Managing SAWSDL descriptions

In order to manage SAWSDL descriptions, we have to use SAWSDL reader instead of classic WSDL reader.

// Read a SAWSDL description
SAWSDLReader reader = SAWSDLFactory.newInstance().newSAWSDLReader();
Description desc = reader.read(new URL("http://url/of/the/document.wsdl"));

// Write a SAWSDL document
SAWSDLWriter writer = SAWSDLFactory.newInstance().newSAWSDLWriter();
Document doc = writer.getDocument(desc);

// Create a SAWSDL description
Description desc = SAWSDLFactory.newInstance().newSADescription();

Handling modelReference attribute

The modelReference attribute is a simple reference to semantic concept(s) pointed by URI(s). This attribute can be used in every element of WSDL and XML Schema. Following methods are available on every object which extends SAWSDLElement.

// List modelReference
List<URI> modelReferences = anySAWSDLElement.getModelReferences()

// Add modelReference (example with OWL ontology)
anySAWSDLElement.addModelReference(new URI("http://ontology.owl#concept"));

// Remove all modelReferences

// Remove a specific modelReference
anySAWSDLElement.removeModelReference(new URI("http://ontology.owl#notWantedConcept"));

Handling liftingSchemaMapping and loweringSchemaMapping attributes

The liftingSchemaMapping and loweringSchemaMapping refer to transformation files (or a part of it) which correspond to the translation from XML Schema to semantic equivalence and inversely. Those attributes can be used in XSD Elements and Types (which extend SASchemaElement).

// List SchemaMapping
List<URI> liftingSchemaMappings = anySAWSDLElement.getLiftingSchemaMappings()
List<URI> loweringSchemaMappings = anySAWSDLElement.getLoweringSchemaMappings()

// Add SchemaMapping
anySAWSDLElement.addLiftingSchemaMapping(new URI("http://xsd2owl.xslt"));
anySAWSDLElement.addLoweringSchemaMapping(new URI("http://owl2xsd.xslt"));

// Remove all SchemaMappings

// Remove a specific SchemaMapping
anySAWSDLElement.removeLiftingSchemaMapping(new URI("http://xsd2rdf.xslt"));
anySAWSDLElement.removeLoweringSchemaMapping(new URI("http://rdf2xsd.xslt"));

Working with Maven2

The artifacts are available as Maven2 modules, you can add easyWSDL to your project POM like this


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